Sierra Business Council


This page provides the latest resources and information available to Sierra Business Council (SBC) members and communities to help expand the solar PV market in the region.

Transitioning to solar power not only provides environmental benefits like enhanced air quality, but it also delivers a host of economic benefits from green job creation to market development. By bringing together various local stakeholders, Solar Roadmap participants can work together to easily implement innovative programs in their communities. Residents, businesses, and solar contractors can access resources in their communities via links below. 

Regional Solar Initiatives

One of the main objectives of the Solar Roadmap is to help facilitate the standardization of solar processes across municipalities and, ultimately, entire regions. These efforts help reduce adminstrative time and costs for both government staff and solar contractors. Participants in the Sierra Nevada Region can simplify their solar permitting processes, organize solar bulk purchases, and leverage innovative private sector solutions.

Contact us to join the initiative and have a Solar Roadmap created for your community.

Solar Roadmap Participants in the Region

Sierra Business Council is helping communities join the Solar Roadmap as part of their Climate Planning Program. Below are the communities that have already joined to help achieve their energy reduction goals.


Sierra Business Council is dedicated to helping cities and businesses in the Sierra Nevada with sustainable planning. A blog entry from SBC (linked through the image on the left) discusses a team member's personal experience with going solar in the Sierra Nevada. Informative blogs like this can help local residents understand more about what is means to put solar panels on a home, and if the decision is right for them.