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This page provides the latest resources and information available to help local governments expand the regional solar market. The San Francisco Bay Area Region is well positioned for explosive solar market growth due to a suite of aggressive renewable energy goals and supportive policies.  

Transitioning to solar power not only provides environmental benefits like enhanced air quality, but it also delivers a host of economic benefits from green job creation to market development. By bringing together various local stakeholders, Solar Roadmap participants can work together to easily implement innovative programs in their communities. Residents, businesses and solar contractors can access resources in their communities via links below. 

Regional Solar Initiatives

One of the main objectives of the Solar Roadmap is to help facilitate the standardization of solar processes across municipalities and, ultimately, entire regions. These efforts help reduce adminstrative time and costs for both government staff and solar contractors. Participants in the Bay Area Region are already simplifying solar permitting processes, organizing solar bulk purchases and leveraging innovative private sector solutions.

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Solar Roadmap Participants in the Region

Cities and Towns



Partners Spotlight

Joint Venture Silicon Valley (JVSV) is an invaluable partner that brings area leaders together to address major regional issues in the Bay Area Region. JVSV is collaborating with Optony to help local jurisdictions in the San Francisco Bay Area Region implement solar best practices in their communities.

Strategic Energy Innovations (SEI) is a non-profit that develops and delivers solutions customized to help communities accomplish their sustainability goals. SEI is a key partner in Solar Roadmap outreach efforts to jurisdictions in California.