City of Fremont, CA

City of Fremont, CA


Find the latest resources and information available for installing solar power and expanding the solar market in the City of Fremont, whether you're a resident, business, installer or local government agency.

The City is well positioned for solar market growth due to a mix of renewable energy goals and supportive policies. Transitioning to solar power not only provides environmental benefits like enhanced air quality, but it also delivers a host of economic benefits from green job creation to market development. Below, there is a direct link to the City's interactive policy roadmap designed to increase local solar installations by making it easier and more cost-effective to "go solar".

Fremont is part of the San Francisco Bay Area region.

Community Profile

214,089 population
1,499 kWh/kW annual energy yield
33% renewables by 2020
77 square miles
56ft elevation

Local Impact of 5% Electricity from Solar Power

Shown below is an estimation of the significant economic and environmental impact from providing just 5% of community-wide electricity use from solar energy. The residential section provides a quantification of the massive and still untapped opportunity for existing residential rooftops to contribute to a greener and more prosperous community. These numbers are generated using the latest available data and market-leading estimation tools. Learn more here.

49,627 kW of installed Solar
$91.8M economic activity generated
1,828 acres of trees planted (equiv CO2 offset)
74,391,098 kWh energy generated annually
476 job-years created
4,647 cars off the road (equiv CO2 offset)

Residential Solar Potential

154,399 kW of installed solar
30,274 solar-powered homes
16% offset of community-wide electricity use



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Solar PV Customer Resources

  • Smart Solar Program - Free, independent advice and guidance to East Bay home and business owners who want to go solar.
  • East Bay Energy Watch - A local collaborative that provides energy efficiency solutions throughout Alameda and Contra Costa Counties

Clean Energy Planning

  • Fremont Climate Action Plan - A multi-year action plan to reduce the City's greenhouse gas emissions 25% by 2020 from a 2005 baseline

Local Financing Programs & Incentives

Solar Energy Policy

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